Data Recovery and Business Continuity

Being the victim of unforeseen data loss can be a devastating blow to both established enterprises and small start-ups. Whether you’ve lost a substantial amount of data or a small amount of information, it presents a setback you’ll have to spend time, money, and energy to recover. John Baldwin IT makes this risk obsolete with comprehensive data recovery services that go hand-in-hand with business continuity. Data recovery and business continuity have become closely interconnected due to a growing realization that both business and technology execs need to be collaborating in today’s environment, instead of developing disaster-relief plans separately.

Regardless of your company type, you absolutely need to invest in data recovery and business continuity planning to stay ahead of the data storage curve. When disaster strikes, you need to be certain your company can recover – otherwise, you may face irreparable damage. As technology advances, enterprises everywhere need to update their capability to deliver satisfactory services to clients even during a disaster. This means enlisting the help of an IT expert to enhance your business continuity and data recovery plans today, before a disaster strikes when you’re unprepared.

No business wants their numbers to take a hit in the event of an IT disaster or infiltrating virus. Protect your company’s integrity by contacting John Baldwin IT specialists to analyze your current level of data recovery and business continuity, and make changes and adjustments accordingly to optimize your chances of pulling through a catastrophe. Schedule a consultation today for a one-on-one conversation with one of our specialists – or John himself – if you need immediate recovery and preparation solutions.

Your business should consider the following questions when considering business continuity in the face of data loss.

  • What’s the worst thing that could happen?
  • Where is our data stored?
  • Are our backups tested on a regular basis?
  • What’s our plan for data recovery if we lose our primary data storage?
  • How long can you be without your server/network/internet in the event of an emergency?
  • How long can you be without your server/network/internet before your business is severely, or worse terminally impacted?
  • What is your recovery plan in the event of a catastrophic event?

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