Backup Monitoring

A wide variety of data and monitoring solutions already exist on top of new variations that continue to be developed – making backup monitoring more complicated than you might initially think. At John Baldwin IT, we’ve developed a thorough understanding of backup monitoring from years of experience in the field, working with both small businesses as well as large-scale corporations to successfully optimize backup monitoring efforts.

We provide backups in the areas of virtualization, the operating system, tapes and records, and online and cloud backups, all using varying kinds of backup solutions depending on what your business requires. You can customize your backup monitoring solution to show you all of your backup jobs, and notify you of their successes or failures.

Backup monitoring is becoming more and more complicated for companies with a large customer base, as well as for end-user companies, due to the amount of data within the system and the large number of currently-used backup systems. John Baldwin IT has in-depth knowledge about each of the backup monitoring systems on the market, and can set up a consultation for you with one of our experts to discuss the backup monitoring solution that’s right for you.

We’ll help you install and adopt the backup monitoring system of your choice, complete with a data backup reporting tool specialized to suit your needs. After John Baldwin IT fits you with a new backup monitoring system, you’ll never need to worry about how your backups are doing again. No matter how much you trust your backup infrastructure, there is always room for improvement. Contact John Baldwin IT for an assessment, and receive expert advice on how you can enhance your current backup monitoring system today.


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