Are we the right IT Consultant Choice for your Business?

With over 20 years experience at the consultant, senior manager, architect and engineer level in the global commodities markets across 3 continents, the services and skills that are offered by John Baldwin IT have been successfully tried, tested and honed in the most demanding of environments. John Baldwin IT is experienced in the building and managing of networks that have passed tens of millions of dollars on a daily basis, and has been trusted by individuals and small companies through to the largest companies and the wealthiest clientele to build systems and networks to the highest of standards.

I’m a one person/computer operation, can you help me?

Typical issues for an individual relate to speed and performance, anti-virus software/virus issues, backups, advice on hardware and software, upgrade strategies, email problems and more. John Baldwin IT are able to help.

We’re a 1-50+ person company, can you help us?

Larger environments are typically looking for a complete IT solution that covers all the integral components of any company infrastructure – networking and internet, security, email, anti-virus, data management and backups, printing, monitoring etc etc. John Baldwin IT have all the necessary skills and experience at the highest of levels to ensure your IT is kept running at its prime.

We’re a 100-200+ person company, can you help us?

Larger companies are more likely to have a full time IT staff. With the increased challenges that a larger environment may bring, the help of a seasoned IT architect/engineer can help smooth out current operations and provide a helping hand with more challenging issues and provide a highly experienced sounding board for IT engineering, strategy and mentorship.

We’re a 1000-2000+ person company, can you help us?

John Baldwin has experience as a senior Consultant/Manager/Architect/Engineer reporting directly to the executive suite in companies with market caps in the billions of dollars. His experience consists of running, helping and mentoring teams of world class network and systems engineers, taking on the toughest of IT challenges, and optimizing and growing IT operations in line with company requirements for expansion. His customers have numbered amongst the wealthiest clientele who have trusted his infrastructures and IT expertise to safely pass tens of millions of their dollars worldwide on a daily basis. John Baldwin IT is able to help in the capacity of systems or network engineer, architect, manager or mentor at all levels of IT in any capacity tackling the most difficult IT challenges or to help optimize operations.


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