IT Infrastructure Design

Arguably the most important IT element of your business, infrastructure design encompasses a multitude of complex schematics, including mapping and GIS data planning, navigation of preliminary design, production drafting, structural analysis, and more. To build a solid infrastructure, you need to understand these concepts and use them to your benefit.

John Baldwin has worked for over 20 years with different facets of IT, teaching him to treat each individual case with due care and attention to detail – whether he was working on basic infrastructure architecture for a startup business or coming up with complex design solutions for multi-million dollar companies. When it comes to infrastructure design, John Baldwin IT has it covered.

Before embarking on an infrastructure design or redesign, consult with us about your options. After your consultation, we’ll fit you with one of our expert team members who have years of experience designing all types of IT systems, and know the most recent additions to the field to fully optimize your infrastructure – contributing to raised bottom lines, increased conversion rates, and a sound operating system.

We’ll communicate with you throughout the entire design process, using 3D visuals so you can get an idea of what we’re suggesting. We’ll also use tools such as advanced structural simulation and analysis to better equip your infrastructure for the uses you need it to perform. With John Baldwin IT solutions, you never have to worry about the integrity of your infrastructure, or flaws in design that will haunt you for years. Our skilled team of IT technicians guarantees customer satisfaction and appropriate infrastructure design, every time.


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