Cabling your IT Network for Optimal Speed

There are many different types of network cabling available to today’s businesses, depending on what type of data flow each scenario necessitates. Cables are essentially the roads through which data travels between computers, routers, servers, and storage networks. The overall architecture of your infrastructure is what determines the appropriate type of cable for your enterprise, so you need an IT professional to make the assessment for you before you begin installation.

“Twisted pair cables,” used in most Ethernet networks, dominate the cabling industry today. Twisted pair cables are comprised of four pairs of thin wires, each twisted to prevent interference from other devices. In offices and business settings, prevention of interference is of growing importance in the face of increased numbers of technological devices being incorporated into the business atmosphere.

Another prominent type of cabling is fiber optic cabling – ideal for sending high volumes of data (i.e. in a hospital, airport, or bank setting, etc.). Fiber optic cabling carries data as light, offering high-speed connectivity between different parts of a building. If your enterprise is highly technological in nature, and often swaps large quantities of streamed data, fiber optic cabling would be your best option to reduce sluggish operation and connection interruptions.

John Baldwin IT has worked with every type of cabling, from twisted pair to coaxial and multi-pair, and can advise your business as to which cabling is best for your specific needs and operations. Although the IT industry is becoming dominated by wireless communications, there is still significant need for cabling installations.

If you’re having trouble deciding what type of cabling your company should use, contact us today for a consultation. We’ll talk you through your different options, recommend what should be done, and complete the installation for you according to your specifications.


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